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Who We Are

Kefalonian Property Management is part of Vinieris Real Estate Group, the leading real estate company in Kefalonia. Over the years, as a result of our high-quality services, our company has grown and expanded its clientele.

Our top priority is to make sure our clients feel safe regarding their property management. We have a talented team of experienced partners who, together with our carefully selected staff, ensure the most effective management and maintenance of our client’s real estate.

Kefalonian Property Management is, above all, a trusted property management and maintenance company in Kefalonia, which through teamwork, dedication and the highest European standards, has managed to gain the trust of its clients.

Our experience over the years in real estate maintenance and management enables us to fully understand every aspect of your requirements, and provide you with high quality services. Our professional and reliable team will assist you with all aspects of managing your property, providing you with guidance, support and helpful advice.

As a member of Vinieris Real Estate Group, we have all the necessary qualifications and a network of professional technical, legal and insurance partners to ensure that your property is cared for to the highest standards.


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