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Welcome to Kefalonian Property Management, member of the leading real estate company in Kefalonia, Vinieris Real Estate Group.

We believe that real estate ownership is a source of wealth worldwide and the foundation of a successful investment strategy. However, the subsequent management of your property and its care is the key factor that will greatly determine the return and overall success of your investment.

Kefalonian Property Management was founded in 2002 to offer property owners a complete, professional and highly reliable real estate management service. Above all, our goal is for our clients to feel that their property is in safe hands, as most of them live abroad or off the island.

Our company has many years of experience in property management and maintenance in Kefalonia. Our team consists of a number of experienced professionals and as a result, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive real estate management and maintenance services.

‘The Property Management Team’

  • "We have used Kefalonian Property Management company for 10 years and as an owner living thousands of miles away from your property you need the piece of mind you have a professional team of people who cares about your property and your guests and in Kefalonian Property Management we have that team."

    Mike & Eileen Yates
  • "We cannot praise the service we have received from all our friends at Vinieris too highly. They made the whole process of buying and owning our lovely villa in Kefalonia so easy. They have been there all the way to support us. Any problems are quickly and efficiently resolved for us by Georgia at Vinieris."

    David & Tina Miller
  • "Peace of mind; knowing your guests will always find a clean, tidy villa & pool, exactly as they would expect!"

    Caroline Kane
  • "After working with and alongside Kefalonian Property Management for the last 4 years we have been delighted with the excellent all round services provided. Their attention to detail and professionalism in the management of all aspects of renting a Villa to discerning clients has been a major influence on us achieving regular fully booked summer months and 22 ‘five star’ top rated reviews from our guests to date."

    Pete and Angela Stoney
  • "We have been with Vinieries property management for 8 years and enjoyed a good service and relationship with the company. They have responded to urgent situations promptly and maintained a high standard of service throught our time."

    Paul Wells
  • "We have used Kefalonian Property Management for eight years and are pleased with their responsiveness and carefully looking after our guests."

    Edward Krawitt


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